Our premium solar panels are renowned for their superior quality and lifetime performance,
all with very minimal maintenance required from the homeowner.

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Best addition to my home I’ve made! These guys are easy to work with, professional and very transparent on the financial details including the cost of my solar system and the tax benefits and savings.

Carmen A.
South San Francisco, CA

Incredible company. Passionate solar professionals who truly care about the customer and the planet! Beautiful design center along with the robust staff of installers, engineers and teams to make your home green.

Andrea C.
Colma, CA

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Energy solutions consultants

who specialize in solar systems and electric vehicle charging station installations. Also do general electrical work.
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Electrical work and solar energy system installation

Welcome to CA Sunrise Energy Solutions

If you own a home in the Bay Area and you’re looking to make your home more energy efficient while saving some money on your energy bill‚ then we’re definitely the ones you need to talk to today!

Here’s what CA Sunrise Energy Solutions can do for you:

We Design and Install Solar Energy Systems For Your Home

If you could save money and make your home’s energy use environmentally friendly at the same time‚ we’d say that’s a pretty good deal. Solar energy has become way more affordable over the last few years thanks to a combination of increasing efficiency‚ longer panel lifespans and lower prices made possible by large scale manufacturing.

The best way to save on your energy bills is to install solar panels on your roof. If you are located in a state like California that receives a lot of sunshine throughout the year‚ the sunshine that we’re famous for could also be your best ally in going green – it could power your home while cooling off those bills. More and more homeowners are making the switch to solar power and are reaping the financial benefits of their decision.

Now‚ solar panels need to be installed at the right angles so that the maximum amount of sunlight possible is captured and transformed into energy during the day; and because they are sensitive‚ they also need to be handled and installed with the necessary care to avoid damaging them. This is where we come in.

Our solar system solutions experts will make sure that we maximize your savings while also maximizing the daylight to turn your home into renewable source of clean energy. Our technicians are all certified and have years of experience in the field to help make sure installations go quickly and smoothly. Our professional staff will explain all the savings for you and answer all your questions to make your transition to solar as easy as possible. Need more convincing? At your request, you may also speak to a number of our satisfied customers.

Great Quality Is Never An Accident

We’re big fans of the little details‚ striving for quality in everything that we do.

We have over ten years of experience helping customers with their energy needs, and in this time we’ve handled energy solution installations on practically every type of home out there. It’s this extensive experience that helps us to anticipate and quickly solve every problem‚ big or small‚ that that may crop up throughout the process.

For all your energy needss‚ get in touch with us. To learn more about our services‚ to schedule a consultation or get a pricing quote please get in touch with us at info@calsunrise.com

¿Hablas español? We do! We are bilingual and are equally happy to help our customers who prefer Spanish. Just give us a call – 415-424-8801

Savings & Benefits

Save in excess of 80% of your energy bill and add at least $15,000 in value to your home by installing a solar energy system in your home today!


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